What We Do

Ananya  is a boutique consulting firm specialising in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).

Ananya means unique or second to none.Diversity and Inclusion is about celebrating our uniqueness and embracing the differences  around us. The complex business environment today necessitates orgasnisations and individuals to be inclusive of not only of visible differences like language, background, gender but also of different experiences, capabilities , thinking styles,  insights, ideas  and perspectives.

At Ananya we align theD&I initiatives to the organization’s strategic goals. We work with you to understand your D&I goals, compare them with current reality and then jointly create an action plan along with a road map and work collaboratively to achieve the results

We work with individuals, teams and organisation to create environments where each individual is respected for the strengths he/she bring to the table rather than evaluated on the basis theirbackground, education, gender or any other reason which makes them different from others.

Diversity Solutions

We support organisations to identify and create short-term and long-term diversity sratergies .


People Friendly Workplaces

We help you in designing policies to support you in creating people friendly workplaces.

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Invite Madhujit for talks on gender diversity and its impact. Her presentations are interactive, enjoyable, with real-life examples.

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